Thursday, July 10, 2008


We started moving into the Studio last night !!!


First off, a very special thanks to Chris (on left)and his Dad, a good friend and co-worker, Chris was the one who kept telling us to check this place out. Chris has a unit here as well that he runs his business out of called “Millworks Hot Rod”. He restores classic cars and hot rods. Check him out in action! This made him a prime target for being one of the first to call when we needed to bring in the new couches for the studio. Seriously though, we wanted him to be part of it since he was the one that really got us in there. So, with help from Chris we started moving furniture and gear into our new space.
(Photo credit:Matthew Lucozzi... Nice shot buddy!)

Here are the links for the little Studio Promo that we whipped together agian..
There are a few different file formats to choose from below. Just wanted to make sure everyone would be able to view it.)
Click here for ASA's News (PC only self extracting video file)
Click here for ASA's News (MPG video file)
Click here for ASA's News (Flash video file)

You can read the next blog entry below for some of the specials we are running!

Racing against the incoming rain we got the couches off the trailer and into the studio just in time.

So here they are! The first official family protrait session in our new Studio.

Don't worry, it will get much better....we grabbed a few pics last night with little Canon point and shoot. We'll break out the big guns in due time.

Gail had a vision of what she wanted for furniture (yes, I liked it too) and we were lucky enough to nail both our couches and tables in one trip out with the boys. The boys of course tested everything out to make sure it would pass there vigorous inspection.

Finding the couches…

Finding the coffee and end tables…

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