Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In with the New Year.....I need to catch up!

So at last entry, fall was coming to a close. This meant the end of our oldest boy’s Pop Warner football season. Though we miss watching the kids play, this opened a huge part of our crazy schedule. As an annual tradition, the “A” squad (the oldest boys) play the youngest kids. The big kids are forced to play on there knees in efforts to even the odds a little. It is cool to see how great the older boys are with the young kids. Gail snagged this AWESOME shot of one of the older boys walking with Matthew back to the line.

We had our last wedding of the season with Gerry and Hanna.

So here is a great Wedding story. Gerry and I knew each other back in High School. After graduation,
I would have to say we had not seed each other for 7 or 8 years and then he started popping up at wedding jobs that we were shooting for other clients. It became a running joke between Gerry and I. I used to tell him that one day if he was lucky that I would shoot his wedding. Then it happened. Gail and I were shooting Gina and Geoff’s wedding and there he was again, except…..wait a minute…who is that with him? Hannah was as nice as she was beautiful. I remember telling Gerry specifically “don’t let that one get away”. Fast forward about a year and the call came in. We were excited that they chose us to shoot their wedding.

Hanna was absolutely stunning in a dress that was no doubt made for her. Not to be outdone so easily, Gerry went and topped our “Best Enterance by a Groom” category by landing on the lawn of the Castleton in a helicopter. Once the helicopter left though, it was all Hannah again (sorry Gerry).

They were also officially our first Bride and Groom to sport our new ASA Tattoos. They have officially kicked of our “Tales of the Traveling Tattoo” Tour. There are a few more out currently that we are hoping will come back with a picture.

Our last few Seniors of the year came through the studio. This included our first Billerica Student. We have been able to get more photo props in as well and we have been having a great time getting creative with them.
I feel like it and so much more dimension, style and attitude to a shoot. So when we ask you to bring something like this, please do it! I tell everyone whatever will fit through the door will work if it has some significance to you.

We also saw our first hometown Senior and I was able to try out some of my new image templates to pull together a custom composite.

New couples on the marital countdown…

Soon to join our photo family are two more great couples. As always, we have fun bringing them into the studio for an engagement shoot.

Stock site starting to Ramp up…At LONG LONG last I have been able to start adding images to the Stock site. I am trying to get all the older slide work uploaded first, though some of the newer images have been sneaking in as well. I can not wait to get all of them up. To be able to shoot and upload my images right away will be awesome. Check them out and let me know what you think. You can browse them by content, location, or popular New England location by using the menu tree on the upper left or use the keyword search box. They are available for download. I will most likely get some sort of promo going and send out coupons just to get some site traffic.

These images are from my “White Dress” series. When I was younger and had a little more time, I was able get more creative then time has permitted me in the last 8 years. It will come around again.

Check out some stock images from all over New England...

Another Theater Season off and running…
Kicked off by a King Stag double header, BMHS and Westford academy


Superstar productions Followed with a very cute rendition of the Jungle book at the Harvard Elementary School.

In another great transformation of a limited performing area, MCC kicked out another great performance with “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream”.

Are into Facebook?
So without me even knowing, Gail has got us rolling on Facebook. You can check us out here. I don’t know the first thing about it, but guess it is the “in” thing now.

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