Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our first class is now history!

The first class at ASA Photographic Studios is now a part of history.

Thanks again to JB of Special Effect Photograhy for his picture contributions.

Gail and I had a wonderful time hosting this first training class and hanging out for the day with other photogs.

During the afternoon break, we took everyone on a walk around the grounds. We also brought people up to the Studio. It was very cool to share it with everyone.

Some things we, as hosts, learned = )
-Ask the furniture shop above us to turn off their air compressor the night before a training = )
-When you make coffee for the afternoon session, don’t leave it in the kitchen. Put it out so people know its there (yes we read your surveys!) We're sorry about that! = )
-Labeling everyone’s lunch orders is an easy way to win points with starving students!
-Tweak lights

How good was our class? Well, so good that Mac and PC users co-existed peacfully!

From student to raffle winner! One Hunt gift card went to a Billerica native.

Overall, it was a great overview of Lightroom. It both enlightened us to a couple of features that we weren’t using and reinforced for us how thoroughly we know and use this program.

From this class we are inspired to pull together follow up power sessions that shows how we use Lightroom to significantly increase the quality, organization and efficiency of our workflow. This will be hands on workshop focusing 80-90% on the Library and Develop modules. This, for us, is where Lightroom shines…..

Let us know if you would be interested in joining us for “Lightroom for Lightspeed”. Date to be determining, but we are considering Monday/Tuesday evenings starting around 6pm.

A big thanks to everyone again for joining us at the beginning of our new venture!


Stephanie said...

Hey! It's a picture of me! You guys are so cool. I am totally into the "Power" classes and boy was I glad to get to install all those presets of the disc. As I type this, I am backing-up everything onto a 3rd drive (yes Jeff inspired me to do this). I thought 2 was enough but hey he's got a point. Check out my blog and hopefully we can connect sooner than later if you guys can get your email working.....;)

Steph (the PC User) (for now)

Doug said...

Looks like a success! Looking forward to finally meeting you guys in the fall and putting something together.

Stefanie Kimball said...

That picture of Steph and I looks like we are ready to kill someone LOL!! I had a great time and was happy to meet new photogs and learn lightroom. Thanks ASA!