Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ramping up again at the studio...

So we are getting ramped up at the Studio as our busy part of the season is starting to appear on the horizon.

We met up again with Elizabeth and Julio, one of our past brides and grooms, and they brought a little someone along with them--we can't wait to meet her face-to-face. Liz is an absolutely beautiful expectant mom and she has that glow going. Without question, this is a great time in life for both of them as Gail and I both know, but guys, get your sleep while you still can!

Recently we invited Melinda to come in and help us show off some ideas we have for a little "Senior Flair" as we like to call it. Mom and Dad like the smile shots and we do always take those during the shoot, but photos like these are the type that our seniors like to Facebook. Gail and I are rather fond of them as well. Melinda gets to boasts our first Prom dress session. So much fun!

Gabbi also claims another first on this cool Royal Red background. Her yellow shirt accented the goldnon the background perfectly! We've got lots of ideas to work on with on this one.

And finally, Bridget showed off her skates as well as got a shot or two on the graffiti wall. She marked our first Senior Session from Billerica. Looking forward to capturing more!!! Stay tuned...

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