Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10K from 8K...MS Walk 2010!

Team Colby had a record breaking year!

For every mile we walked, the team pulled in about $2000! For a GRAND total of about $10,350 as a team.

Our team received an honorable mention as well as earning an "Elite Team" status. No doubt we were all walking tall.

Just before the beginning of the walk Staci was given the mic and asked to give a speech to all the other walkers. There is no question that the walk is meant to be a fun experience for all to come together, but this was the time we all stopped to realize the scary side of this situation. It was the time when I personally stopped and think about how this disease looms over the people that I am walking for and how it profoundly affects their lives and the lives of the loved ones around them. So after that touch of reality, a couple of tears and big group hug, we all rallied our love and strength around our team captain and nailed this walk down with ease.

Gail and I (and the whole team) were honored to wear the official Team Colby shirts.

The team grew significantly since last year...as you can see...

We were blessed once again with great weather that although a bit chilly standing still, it was well suited for walking.

A great time for a good cause.

Lastly, we woudl like to extend a big THANKS to everyone that donated to the walk for Gail and I as well as on the behalf of Team Colby.


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