Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Release the Beast!

With the odds all stacked against them the Students of Tyngsboro High School ran their last performance of "Beauty and the Beast" Monday night.

Among other things, dodging super storm Nemo and several cases of the flu they managed to prevail.

Matt who played Gaston was a wreck with the flu for the dress rehearsal we had to photograph and was a true champion singing and performing to the end. Deserving just as much praise was his fellow actors and actresses who had to perform next to him as they were signing in each others faces without fear. All this and you wouldn’t know it by looking at the pictures. Truly an example of dedicated actors!
To top of all this heroism was you’ve got Connor who played the role of “Chip the Tea Cup”. He toughed it out and pulled of a wonderful performance, finishing the show as “Chip the boy” walking out on stage for the final scene even though he has spent a majority of his time in a wheel chair as he waits for a double lung transplant. Yea… now that’s a hero. Way to go Connor!

Our hats are off to all the actors for overcoming the odds and pulling off a GREAT show!!

You can see more pictures here at the Facebook gallery or online in ASA's gallery.

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