Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The 2008 Shutter Click Count stands at 44,277! (not including our personal camera of course) and yes, I have personally gone through everyone of them.

A Chance meeting at Scituate light…

(with hopefully our next Bride and Groom)

So Gail and I were hanging out on the jetty at Scituate Light with the kids just enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon, when we noticed a couple being followed around by several people with cameras.

I figured that they must have just announced their engagement. Not being able to help myself (like an personal injury lawyer who happened to be a first-hand witness to a car accident), I asked what they were all doing.

As expected, they were trying to take a picture to announce their engagement. Eventually I was unable to help myself, and I had to ask if we could take some pictures for them. Gail and I sprang into action. We spent only a few minutes with them, but we had a lot of fun.

I could have killed for a diffuser and a bounce disk or two, but I think we did alright considering. Not bad for "roughing it" = )

Continuing to find our niche at the Studio…

So we have yet to find an end to all the spots that we can shoot in at the Studio.

It seems like we find a new area to shoot around every corner.

We really could not have dreamt up a better location for a photo studio.

We also rang in our first "Square it and Share it" shoot. That's: 2 seniors, 2 outfits and 2 hours.

Technically that would be cubing it, but I'm not going to bust Gail's chops with that. It was such a great idea that she came up with, I thought I could let it ride.
(Ya, he is funny isn't he? Gail)

Two more weddings and two more great couples for the books…

We had a great time shooting both. One right on Buzzards Bay near Cape Cod and the other at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua.

We were able to pull together some real fun shots at both.

Gail is hard at work on the albums as we speak.

ASA Photographic - Making Headlines on both sides of the camera…

So we have been crazy busy since we got back from vaca (see last blog entry).To add a little more crazy to the mix, our oldest son started Pop Warner Football again. That adds practice 4 nights a week to the nut farm. And we could not be two normal bystanders, no no no, we have to be the team mom and assistant coach. (Ya think we're trying to compensate for dragging our children out to meetings and shoots? =) Gail) We truly do enjoy it though. This is our second year andbeing part of helping the kids (all thirty-one of them) learn and grow is truly special. (Yes, of course we snap a few shots for the parent too! How can we not--they are so cute! I think their pads weigh more then they do! Gail)

So during one of the first few practices, Matthew and I made the Billerica paper (Thanks Ellen). That was cool, it is not often that I get caught on the other side of the camera!

Just a couple of weeks later, my cousin stayed with us down in Onset so she could run the infamous "Falmouth Road Race." Well, without telling her, I snuck down to Falmouth and was able to make my way right to the finish line (Do you think the cameras and long lenses dangling from my neck may have helped?) and capture her as she crossed the line. FYI-She finished 140th out of 10,000 and she was the 31st woman to finish! WOW!
Not expecting me to be there, I took great pleasure in screaming her name after she finished and scaring the bag out of her. I guess that was not the safest thing to do to someone who just sprinted 7 miles, but it made her laugh so it was cool. I knew she could handle it as she is an established marathon runner. I have lost track of how many Boston Marathons she's run. To top it off, I was also able to get this photo into the local paper which was just too cool.

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