Monday, September 29, 2008

Seniors, Apples, Pumpkins, and Footballs

Seniors, Seniors, Seniors

Man!, we have been busy little photographers lately.

We have been getting some great students in and having a great time! We continue to explore the studio and it's grounds. It was a nice change to have a few young men come through and allow us to work with some "guy" lighting and posing.

Getting caught in the act...

Boy, talk about how to ruin a great picture! Sorry Jackie! (If you like that picture, I will photoshop my ugly mug out for you ) To you as well, Tom--sometimes I just can't help myself. Proof positive that I should stay on the other side of the camera = )

The Mystery Assisants...

Who are they, and where do they come from you ask? Friends, family, boyfriends and girlfeinds often become part of the show here at our Studio.

It never hurts to have an extra set of hands.....even better when they are free = )

It's that time of year again...

Apple picking. It is how we officially acknowledge the end of the summer and look forward to another beautiful Fall here in New England. I think it is required by law = ). Luckily our family enjoys it. Gail always gets a shot of the boys in an Apple tree somehow or another and I am always looking to add to my stock photo collection.

Look at these cute Pumpkins! We just had to take them home with us = )

This year on the way to Smolack Farms, we got a little lost. When we drove buy this barn, I nearly locked up the brakes. I had to nail a couple of shots of it. I will have to go back there at sunrise or sunset and check out the lighting when the leaves pop a little more.
Our other big thing this time of year is to hit the Topsfield Fair. Another annual ritual. I think we will tackle that next week with the kids.

Bringing in the mood…and some attitude.

Whenever time permits, we love to capture an image that we feel is just a little unique for each client. We want our customers to remember that that is why the come to our Studio.

I will let the pictures speak for themsleves.

Ready... Set... HIKE !

So football is officially into high gear. Matthew has been working hard and has started to get some recognition as an Offensive Lineman. I am not sure why, but he seems to be up against some much biggere kids. We had a game against Malden a couple of weeks ago and I would have sworn that the person he was up against was one of the coaches filling in!

Here he is in action against Wilmington. they are 1-2 so far this year. They held Walpole at the 5 yard line at the end of the 4th quarter to take their first win.

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