Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kerry and James - Our Newport Newlyweds

Another great wedding weekender.

Gail and I decided to stay overnight for this one.

As beautiful as the wedding location was, we were both physically and technically challenged in ways we have not ever been.

The Bride and Groom were married outside on the water with the sun setting behind them and STRONG winds blowing right in our face (you might remember the “Mothers Day” winds). The wind was so persistent that at one point the bride and groom switched places just to keep the veil from beating up the Groom! Never the less it was a great ceremony!

I think we still managed to pull off some nice shots as well.

We were able to play off the sun for some great shadow shots.

The Ocean Cliffs is a beautiful facility with gorgeous woodwork inside.

The band they had rocked the house. What was really cool was when the brass section ventured out to the dance floor!

We were also blessed in the sense that we got to hang out with another past Bride and Groom who now have beautiful twin girls. Man starting to feel OLD! It was great to see them…ALL four of them = ).

Best wishes you two!

So the next day, taking full advantage of Nana (at home wioth the boys) and our location, we did what any married couple would do when the have a chance to get away without the kids for a weekend……WHAT EVER THE HECK WE WANTED! = ).

We went to the cliff walk and saw some of the mansions, then headed out into downtown Newport on foot--with cameras.

We came across this beautiful firehouse. No doubt one of the most unique ones I have seen. The wedged shape of the building meant that only one truck could pull out at a time or they would get stuck in the doorway. Hmmmm....sounds like one expensive game of chicken if you ask me = )

The guys there were cool and let us snap a couple of shots of them. They were pretty used to it being in such a cool station in such a historic city. I would venture to guess that we were not the first cameras to stop in for a visit here.
Thank you guys!

We finshed the day off at an awesome burger joint and enjoyed our first taste of Blueberry Beer! Sounds weird, but it was REALLY good!


algray said...

Great Pics of the fire house and the wedding, don't be a stranger. Come back to Newport. Thanks for stopping by the fire house.

Allan Gray, Newport FF

Stephanie said...

Excellent sunset shot! The shadow shot is increadible! Awesome!