Monday, June 22, 2009

Matt and Kate plus 8?

Kate and Matt were married at my old church. This has to go down as one of the easiest commutes we have had.

Both very popular with all the kids in the family Kate and Matt shared more than one dance with them.

A couple of firsts at this wedding.

During Formals I was almost struck by a stray golfball. It actually then rolled right up under the dress of one of the brides maids as she was lined up for a picture. I can't even begin to post the jokes that came out of that scenario.

They had a photo booth where people could go in, get there own pictures taken, then get a copy to take home. One copy went into the bride and grooms own scrapbook. The wedding guests shattered the record for number of people in the booth at one time. From 19 to 23!

We got to hang out with Curtis and Anna of Curtis Knight Entertainment. Curtis did a great job (as always) in getting the crowd on the floor for this shot and for a little "Sweet Caroline".

The Tewksbury Country club is one of the most unique facilities we have been to in terms or it's architecture. It poses a nice break from the more common rectangular reception halls. It is kind of a octagaonal shape with beautiful open wood beam constuction with a large stone fireplace on one side. This is all made even nicer by the fact that we live like 10 minutes away. Gotta love it when you can shoot a local wedding.

Best Wishes to Kate and Matt!

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