Friday, March 26, 2010

From Drama to Trauma!

So the trips to the hospital for stitches now stands at 3-0.

3 for Steven and 0 for Matthew.

The boy is talented, what can I say!

So…. I took a half day so Gail and I could take a trip into Boston so we could go to the Mass High School Drama fest competitions. Two of the schools we photograph made it to finals this year so we went in to cheer them both on.

We parked the car and walked around Copley place slowly working our way over to the Hancock Center to watch the performance.

We hit the Mac store…(hey, who's that on the left?)

Then the public library. It is so rare that Mom and Dad get some time to just be together.

So we were having a GREAT date.

We made it over to the Theater, tickets in hand literally ready to walk into the show when the phone rings and I catch something to the affect of ….”they were jumping on the bed and….”

This picture shows up next on Gail’s phone….

It took me all of about 1 second looking at it…”Lets go” I said. I turned around and pushed the tickets back over the counter (for my first loss of $30).

5 blocks walk to the parking garage springing the car out for another $20.

Now it is 5 PM on a Friday and we need to drive back up to Billerica (passing the same hospital we are going back to on the way) pick-up the boys and head back to Winchester Hospital.

So on the way in we start hearing details of the incident. Somewhere in the rough housing, Matthew was pushing Steven thinking he would land on the bed and…well… missed. He went over the edge of the bed and slammed into an AC unit or something. We could tell he was feeling bad about it already. He knew we were going to the hospital.

2 hours in the waiting area and another $100 later they let all of us go into the room together which was nice. We hung in there with the TV on until the nurse came in and flushed it.

The Doctor finally came in and confirmed it would need 5-6 stitches. Poor Steven knew what he was in for.

When the doctor started using the needle to administer the numbing medication, Steven was feeling it! Poor Matthew had his head buried into the foot of Steven's bed. Though sad…it was...well...just. He was now truly understanding the consequence of his actions.

Once the numbing/needling was done the stitches were a little touch and go. Gail was right there for Steven and I had Matthew in my arms showing him the craft of skin sewing. He handled it well though watching his brother go through this was hard for him.


When it was finally all done, Steven was VERY happy to be off the gurney. Just then Matthew started pulling on my shirt. He looked up at me, white as a ghost, and says “Daddy..I think I am going to throw up!” I grabbed him, the closets trash barrel, and took off running for the closest bathroom.

He ALMOST honked, but cooled him down just in time. Gail and I were chuckling with the nurses when I said “this was the best punishment we could have implemented". It took a while the color to return to Matthews face.

11PM and we are home finally. Both boys asleep finally.

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