Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tyngsboro's Cave Dream ...

You guys ROCK!!

This was a cool play entered into the Mass High School Drama Guild competition by the Tyngsboro High School.

A group of climbers find themselves trapped in a cave of riddling rocks that push them to the brink of madness!

The killer for Tyngsboro is that a school that they already beat in the quarter finals moved on at the semi's and Tyngsboro didn't. That is just luck of the draw for the performance venues.

I don't care. You guys kicked butt anyway! The costumes were soooo cool. All the rock characters had special eye contacts just to push that edge of creepiness.

Check this out in the foreground! Members of the cast contorted and rolled themselves up into different shapes and they appeared as if they were rocks, yet living parts of this nightmarish cave.

They picked up several awards for set and costume design to mention the few I did see in their display case.

To Laurie, set crew, make-up, set design and construction....GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!

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