Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chaulk one up for Gail!

Every year it has been a Billerica Pop Warner Tradition for the “A” squad (BIG kids) to play a game against the smaller kids. Mind you, the big kids have to play on there knees! It is just a fun night for all and the big kids really are great sports about the whole thing. Every so often they do throw a little guy or two over there shoulder, but they are very gracious to say the least.

So Gail was shooting at last years match up and NAILED this shot. It just so happens to be very own number 30 in the picture.

Truly a perfectly captured moment!

She was insistent on processing this image so I gave her the wheel for this one.

So at the awards banquet this past February, she thought it would be nice to give the parents of the “larger” boy a copy. In doing so the gentlemen from Pop Warner saw it and told her that they wanted a large copy for the club house! Well, she did that and more. She enhanced the presentation and then perfectly named the print “Brotherhood” in big text across the bottom.

When she unveiled the print in the clubhouse during sign ups, she got the reaction every photographer works so hard for! A couple of the ladies were misty eyed and even the guys were set back. “I have goose bumps” one of them said.

Billerica Pop Warner has one of the largest programs Nation wide! The people there work very hard at what they do and are passionate about it, as we are about our craft. I think for them, having an image like this embodies why it is they volunteer so much of there time and is very vindicating. The image is just so powerful on so many levels and at the same time fun. GREAT JOB BABE!

I was very proud of her to say the least and happy for her as well. I just knew it was going to hit a chord or two so I made sure to bring our little camera to take a few pics.

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