Friday, April 17, 2009

Sam’s Back! - Don’t hit me Mr. Chicken!

Last year after Sandy Puc’s seminar, Gail and I took the big step forward and got into our new studio. Gail especially was affected by, if you will, “Puc Power”..OK, that’s bad.

Gail was also truly moved by Sam’s co-founding of NILMDTS and joined the local chapter shortly there after. NILMDTS is network of photogs that donate there time and work free of charge to parents of newborns that never make it out of the hospital. Very tough work, but extremely important to the parents that need it and ask for it.

Honestly and truly passionate about what she does, Sam is very easy to draw inspiration from, but foremost actual usable techniques and advice. I have been to other seminars that are full of hot air and I am p*&%!d off when I leave. This has never been the case with Sam and that is why Gail and I love her some much.

As for the long of a story to type for me right now. Call me, I will tell you about it.

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