Friday, April 17, 2009

On Guard! - Prise de Fer Fencing Tournament

Our first First Fencing the bag!

Prise de Fer Fencing Club, our neighbors upstairs at the studio, recently held an all girls tournament down at Dana Hall in Wellesley. WOW what a beautiful place!

Dave and Ariana gave us full access to the event (and a couple of free goodies at the snack bar too = ). The two of us had a GREAT time watching and shooting creatively.
I am hoping the next one happens to find an open slot in our schedule. I want to experiment with more angles and approaches. You can check the other images out here.

I have to say that Fencing is one of those sports that doesn’t get a lot of primetime coverage, but if you get a chance to see it up close and personal, you must take it! I have seen it only rarely on the Olympics, but standing along side one of the dueling lanes, I got it. It is in an Art form. Fencing is truly a culmination of body, mind, and spirit as well as physical ability, strategy and risk. Combining all these into one activity is about as healthy an activity as you can find out there for body, mind, and soul. Team sports, though fun and have there place, don’t keep you focused like this does. You can’t rely on your team mates to pick-up the slack for you. It is you and you only. You must demand more from yourself.

and Oh Yea....GREAT SOCKS!

You won't find this kind of "girl" flare at an all boys comp!

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