Monday, April 6, 2009

For Staci...

Together with "Team Colby", we were victorious on our 2009 Walk for MS.

Thank you again to all of you who donated!

Here is our hero, Staci, crossing the finish line.

We did the walk this past Saturday. The Gods were on our side as we had a perfect weather window and we got to enjoy the beautiful Newburyport scenery.

A great cause, a great day, spent with good friends...what else do you need?

Gail got to reminisce a bit as she got to walk around her old stomping grounds. She lived out some of her younger years in a house here on Tyng street with Gram = )

Personally, I did this walk with the best intentions and with all sincerity, yet it is so hard to really identify with someone else's reality. I go home and I am detached and safe in my own little world, but for others who fight this and similar afflictions, they live and fight with it everyday.

For me, the reality was in Staci’s eyes all that day. That is when it hit home for me.

I try and stop as often as possible to think what really matters to me. My boys, my wife, family and good friends…..the rest can just fall away.

To be honest I am sure I still don’t have a clue what it means to have this looming over my everyday life.

We all push around the B.S. every day of our lives and lost in the noise is the important stuff that really matters. Then we are fortunate enough to get these reminders about what really counts.

For this day anyway…..I walk with her.

We love you Staci = )

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