Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Another great day with one of my favorite teachers/instructors, Ted Dillard. Nobody I know can physically show the importance and advantages of the RAW workflow like he can.

It also show me that Adobe is starting to give Photoshop users the same RAW power that is Lightroom users have. Sweet.

A lot of the Smart Object interfaces are similar to the Lightroom controls.

We raffled off another Hunt Photo and Video card to a lucky winner as well as one of Ted’s RAW Pipeline Smart Object books.

And yet another big thank to JB from PPAM for letting me steal a couple of class pics off of him. He always has his camera at the ready.

As good as the class was I, as a host, got started off with yet another example of good old Murphy’s law in the morning.

This pictures shows both of the projectors I had on hand and that box in the middle is an extra bulb.

The night before I had BOTH working in that very same room with a witnesses. What could go wrong?

Take a guess what happened. The Epson lamp did not turn at all and the extra bulb I had was for the other model.

The other worked on my PC but did not on Ted’s Mac, where all the training material was.

GOTTA LOVE THAT! I was quite literally ready to bite my way through a freaking tree.

My last saving grace was our neighbors upstairs at Prize de Fer fencing club. The lent us there LCD TV.

Another BIG thank you to them for saving the class. A thanks goes out to the class as well for dealing witgh that situation.

Needless to say one of the class surveys asked for “better A/V prep”. Not to disagree from their perspective. I would have wrote the same thing, but damn it! From my perspective I could not have done anymore than I did. Two projector and an extra bulb! What the F&@#!

Once we were up and running it took me an hour and a half just for my blood pressure to return to normal. Another good war story I guess.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Theater season starting to wrap up…

A one-two punch at Tyngsboro…

The Middle School preformed “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” then the High School picked up part two of this story in “The Terezin Promise”.

Back to back shows that depicted the lives of Jewish youth during the Holocaust.

John from John F. Schreiber Photography was there with me to get a taste of the Theater Photog life. He nailed some great shots!

Middlesex Community College's “Cabaret”

Shall we say… a little risqué = )

MCC once again transformed their compact performance area in to a swanky little German night club.

Westford Academy’s “Rent”

Everything is Rent!

The kids at WATA cranked out yet another BIG musical this year with “Rent”. Incredible set and lighting work and some unbelievable vocal performances put this show over the top.

Kudos to all the cast and crew!