Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blast from the past

So since we moved our office, I have been going through some OLD pics and found a few that sent me down memory lane…way down memory lane..like twenty years down memory lane.

Here is some of the first theater work I did probably back in the late 1980’s at the Emerson Majestic Theater. Back then I was shooting 800 ISO pushed to 1600 then having all the film processed special at Unison in Boston. That was like a 1 week turn around once I had proof printed. MAN digital kicks the crap out of that workflow. If needed I can turn a 1500 image show around in a few hours and with far better results, though these look great I must say.

Here is a self portrait I used for my original ASA website back in the early 1990’s. What was then my first office is now Matthews Bedroom! Check out my of Speedgraphics 4x5 …oh and my beloved Pentax 6x7….God I miss that camera. ALL film.

Wow! This picture is from back in my black and white printing days. These two young ladies were called “The Grinning Lizards”. I made a negative photocopy of their log onto velum and burned it into the print before I put into the developer. Gail and I ran into them one cold Valentines day out on Martha’s Vineyard. We were in the Edgartown Harbor parking lot and heard their beautiful music floating in the wind. We followed the sound and low and behold… Lisa and Jess. We became good friends and I did a couple of shoots for them for there albums as well as follow them around where ever they played including the Harp in Bean town. Have not heard from them in well over ten years.

Here is the back of my head = ). One of my first real political gigs, a gymnasium dedication at Malden Catholic got me up close to the Kennedy’s, Bulger, Governor Mannino, Congressman Markey…

Oh man…my first magazine publication (Cape Cod Life 1996)…and first mag cover (Mt. Washington).