Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get Lit - Lighting Seminar and Workshop...Check

Another workshop is in the books and we got our coolest class photo yet thanks in part to a sweet 60" Umbrella that Doug brought along for the workshop.

So, my hats off to Mr. Doug Levy for a well taught workshop. Likewise, Gail and I would also like to thank everyone who came to participate (from as far as Connecticut in one case). Gail and I had a GREAT time!

The day started off with a few hours in the classroom for some review of lighting modifiers as well as some gelling lessons.

As I was the first time I reviewed the class slides with him, I remain very impressed with the hands on knowledge that Doug brings to the table. All self taught, I have not come across someone as young as himself, especially in the digital age, with the hand one knowledge that he possesses. He remind me more of a veteran of film.

At the end of the class we raffled off our Hunt Photo Gift Certificate, the winner of which just happened to be one of our "scholarship students" Kellie. A big thanks to Hunt Photo for again contributing to the excitement of the workshop.

I did a quick demo on the Popper units just before lunch arrived. Thank you again to Radio Popper for sending us the demo units to play with! Several of the demos are not going back and have already found a permanent home at our studio = ). I had the Radio Popper Jrx system set up on a couple of Alien Bees in the conference room to use the model lamps for note taking. This allowed me to be able to adjust the lights up and down from my camera...LOVE IT!

After lunch we reconvened upstairs in the fencing studio for the afternoon workshop.

Up first, the class was broke into groups faced with the assignment of taking head shots of each other.

The group I escorted wanted the roughest looking room in the mill I could muster. I think this one fit the bill.

Here is Andy (right)from the New England Institute of Art up to bat with the assignment that Doug threw his way.As busy aw we were I still managed to get some shots during the class. I dragged the shutter here in hopes of catching some flash activity and...BANG…nailed it!

Tony from LensPro and Mike from MKD Photography showed up to do a little SLR HD video of the class for us. These guys have the coolest gadgets and make the sweetest videos! Thanks for showing up.

Not sure what they were doing here. Some huge clash of SLR Digital HD video and still capture. I was afraid it could possibly rip a hole in the time-space continuum!

Here is Carolyn getting an angle change.

This was our mock "First Dance" assignment that Meg and Krista tackled. I played the roll of the mock DJ = ).

Some of the assignments were intimidating to say the least, but I think everyone can say they fought through it and came out on the other side feeling like they were able to better than they thought.

Seeing how beneficial hands on workshop can be, I definitely think we are going to push for more.

We are definitely cooking up some even cooler variation of this workshop for the spring and we intend to incorporate even more of what our mills have to offer.

A special thanks to all our models Jess, Tony and especially Kenley who was able to get there on a couple hours notice to fill in as another one of our models was stuck with car trouble.

Andy and Kellie were our "scholarship students" for the workshop representing The New England Institute of Art and Boston University.

Thanks to Prise De Fer Fencing yet again for the use of their facility. Seems like they always have a hand in our trainings one way or another! Thanks you!

Another big thanks to Andy, president of The Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts, for coming to sit in on the morning session and to ell everyone a little more about PPAM.

So what do the students have to say?....

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