Friday, April 17, 2009

Sam’s Back! - Don’t hit me Mr. Chicken!

Last year after Sandy Puc’s seminar, Gail and I took the big step forward and got into our new studio. Gail especially was affected by, if you will, “Puc Power”..OK, that’s bad.

Gail was also truly moved by Sam’s co-founding of NILMDTS and joined the local chapter shortly there after. NILMDTS is network of photogs that donate there time and work free of charge to parents of newborns that never make it out of the hospital. Very tough work, but extremely important to the parents that need it and ask for it.

Honestly and truly passionate about what she does, Sam is very easy to draw inspiration from, but foremost actual usable techniques and advice. I have been to other seminars that are full of hot air and I am p*&%!d off when I leave. This has never been the case with Sam and that is why Gail and I love her some much.

As for the long of a story to type for me right now. Call me, I will tell you about it.

Shooting for the Stars!

What does an Attorney, a Photographer, and a Pop Star have in common?

Sounds like a Lawsuit doesn’t it!

Lucky for us, this is not the case, because we were the photographers.

We spent all of last Saturday at the Woburn Hilton taking pictures for Pop Star Parties.

This was one big party where kids get to be treated like Pop Stars for a day. They could walk the Red Carpet with Miss Massachusetts & Miss Teen Massachusetts, learn dance moves from Suzanne's Dance Connection of Burlington, Sing with music teachers, get some fun jewelry to wear, perform a music video together as a family and of course get photographed by yours truly.

James Haroutunian (of Haroutunian Law Office’s),his wife Amy, daughter Isabel and son Jack were responsible for bringing this day into reality. A great cause benefiting the Burlington, Billerica, Wilmington, Melrose, Stoneham, and Wakefield public libraries.

We had a GREAT time. Some of the lovely young ladies felt the need to get me involved and adorned me with some lovely accessories.

Go ahead, make your comments…..I had a good time!

Here is one of my favorite shots...

...though second only to OUR OWN COUNTY BOY!

And here is another entry for the “Tales of the Traveling Tattoos”…..very sheik = )

You can read more about the benefit here.

On Guard! - Prise de Fer Fencing Tournament

Our first First Fencing the bag!

Prise de Fer Fencing Club, our neighbors upstairs at the studio, recently held an all girls tournament down at Dana Hall in Wellesley. WOW what a beautiful place!

Dave and Ariana gave us full access to the event (and a couple of free goodies at the snack bar too = ). The two of us had a GREAT time watching and shooting creatively.
I am hoping the next one happens to find an open slot in our schedule. I want to experiment with more angles and approaches. You can check the other images out here.

I have to say that Fencing is one of those sports that doesn’t get a lot of primetime coverage, but if you get a chance to see it up close and personal, you must take it! I have seen it only rarely on the Olympics, but standing along side one of the dueling lanes, I got it. It is in an Art form. Fencing is truly a culmination of body, mind, and spirit as well as physical ability, strategy and risk. Combining all these into one activity is about as healthy an activity as you can find out there for body, mind, and soul. Team sports, though fun and have there place, don’t keep you focused like this does. You can’t rely on your team mates to pick-up the slack for you. It is you and you only. You must demand more from yourself.

and Oh Yea....GREAT SOCKS!

You won't find this kind of "girl" flare at an all boys comp!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fifteen Minutes of Fame?

Gail and I have been fortunate enough to be featured in the new members' profile of the Professional Photographers Association of New England April 2009 Newsletter.

This is the most accurate bio to date that we have on the two of us...I think???

Go to Pages 13 and 15
Check it out!

Chaulk one up for Gail!

Every year it has been a Billerica Pop Warner Tradition for the “A” squad (BIG kids) to play a game against the smaller kids. Mind you, the big kids have to play on there knees! It is just a fun night for all and the big kids really are great sports about the whole thing. Every so often they do throw a little guy or two over there shoulder, but they are very gracious to say the least.

So Gail was shooting at last years match up and NAILED this shot. It just so happens to be very own number 30 in the picture.

Truly a perfectly captured moment!

She was insistent on processing this image so I gave her the wheel for this one.

So at the awards banquet this past February, she thought it would be nice to give the parents of the “larger” boy a copy. In doing so the gentlemen from Pop Warner saw it and told her that they wanted a large copy for the club house! Well, she did that and more. She enhanced the presentation and then perfectly named the print “Brotherhood” in big text across the bottom.

When she unveiled the print in the clubhouse during sign ups, she got the reaction every photographer works so hard for! A couple of the ladies were misty eyed and even the guys were set back. “I have goose bumps” one of them said.

Billerica Pop Warner has one of the largest programs Nation wide! The people there work very hard at what they do and are passionate about it, as we are about our craft. I think for them, having an image like this embodies why it is they volunteer so much of there time and is very vindicating. The image is just so powerful on so many levels and at the same time fun. GREAT JOB BABE!

I was very proud of her to say the least and happy for her as well. I just knew it was going to hit a chord or two so I made sure to bring our little camera to take a few pics.

Monday, April 6, 2009

For Staci...

Together with "Team Colby", we were victorious on our 2009 Walk for MS.

Thank you again to all of you who donated!

Here is our hero, Staci, crossing the finish line.

We did the walk this past Saturday. The Gods were on our side as we had a perfect weather window and we got to enjoy the beautiful Newburyport scenery.

A great cause, a great day, spent with good friends...what else do you need?

Gail got to reminisce a bit as she got to walk around her old stomping grounds. She lived out some of her younger years in a house here on Tyng street with Gram = )

Personally, I did this walk with the best intentions and with all sincerity, yet it is so hard to really identify with someone else's reality. I go home and I am detached and safe in my own little world, but for others who fight this and similar afflictions, they live and fight with it everyday.

For me, the reality was in Staci’s eyes all that day. That is when it hit home for me.

I try and stop as often as possible to think what really matters to me. My boys, my wife, family and good friends…..the rest can just fall away.

To be honest I am sure I still don’t have a clue what it means to have this looming over my everyday life.

We all push around the B.S. every day of our lives and lost in the noise is the important stuff that really matters. Then we are fortunate enough to get these reminders about what really counts.

For this day anyway…..I walk with her.

We love you Staci = )

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Help fight Multiple Sclerosis!

George is right--Billerica's play is definately worth seeing! There is a matinee today at 2pm and a show tonight at 7:30pm.

We have a slide show running in the lobby if you see the show--please stop by and check it out! However, George and I won't be at the matinee today--instead, we will be walking the MS Walk in Newburyport in support of a good friend of ours who is living with Multiple Sclerosis.

If you would like to make a donation to help fight MS--I have attached the link to our donation page...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Beauty and the Beast - Belle has a Secret!


Emily just could not resist a little comic relief here at the dress rehersal.

This could possibly be the “Beauty and the Beast, part II”. Boy is the prince in for a rude awakening!

The students at my High School alma mater (Billerica High) are knocking out a BIG show this weekend. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Bring the kids and enjoy, but HURRY.

They look as if they have sold out the next couple of shows, WAY TO GO!

Check it out

You can view pictures from the show HERE(this link will be live by 4/5/09).