Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 Boys, One Sport, No Rest!

So, we are back into the full Football Swing and things are as crazy as ever.

We are looking at a new record in Senior sessions this year and we are really hustling.

I don't know how Gail does it.

She can keep the scheduling book!

Gail's picture is hanging proudly in the Pop Warner club house so we stopped in to see that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ramping up again at the studio...

So we are getting ramped up at the Studio as our busy part of the season is starting to appear on the horizon.

We met up again with Elizabeth and Julio, one of our past brides and grooms, and they brought a little someone along with them--we can't wait to meet her face-to-face. Liz is an absolutely beautiful expectant mom and she has that glow going. Without question, this is a great time in life for both of them as Gail and I both know, but guys, get your sleep while you still can!

Recently we invited Melinda to come in and help us show off some ideas we have for a little "Senior Flair" as we like to call it. Mom and Dad like the smile shots and we do always take those during the shoot, but photos like these are the type that our seniors like to Facebook. Gail and I are rather fond of them as well. Melinda gets to boasts our first Prom dress session. So much fun!

Gabbi also claims another first on this cool Royal Red background. Her yellow shirt accented the goldnon the background perfectly! We've got lots of ideas to work on with on this one.

And finally, Bridget showed off her skates as well as got a shot or two on the graffiti wall. She marked our first Senior Session from Billerica. Looking forward to capturing more!!! Stay tuned...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monier and Nick's Wedding

So after our chance meeting at Scituate Light last year, we have been awaiting their wedding day.

Not to get to get all mushy on you here boys, but if you find a beautiful young lady that looks at you like this... marry her = ).

The wedding party was awesome and we all had a little fun getting these Bride-Groom shots.

With yet another first there was a surf board given to the B&G for all the guests to sign. I believe this was given to the Nick from one of his Groomsmen that used to surf with him. Totally cool idea.

The reception was at held at Lake Pearl Lucianos in Wrentham. Nice venue on a lake that provided us with a nice sunset to utilize.

Mike was there spinning the tunes and kept the crowd jumpin for us.

We had a great time and were able to get some great images for them (at least we hope they like them).

Congratulations to the both of you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Wedding Guests to Wedding Photographers

So our freinds Laura and Jess were married last night.

We danced the night away and had a great time. I don't think we left that dance floor more than a couple of times.

Man, it has been a while since we were guests at a wedding.

This particular shot was taken by Michelle Doherty. This is great picture of all the Billerica parents. Gail did put in an order for this picture by the way, so I am not just stealing it off facebook = ).

She did a great job covering the wedding. Nice work Michelle! It is odd for us to see oursleves in the pictures

We had a Monier and Nick's wedding the next day so we had to get all the dancing done that we could. We so often want to be able jump onto the dance floor at the weddings we photograph, but it is not appropriate unless we get the occasional request directly from the Bride herself.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

ASA Photographic Unplugged

Another Summer trip up into the Notch. No Computer, no cell phone service, just us. Grampy joined us agian for the first few days too.

Together we all tackled a beautiful walk through the Flume.

Here are the boys saving me from a near miss = )

Then we hopped over to Canon Mountian and enjoyed a ride up tto the top on the Tram for lunch. After lunch Grammpy took a nap while we ventured around the top of Canon and took in the sites.

Matthew is starting to get some nice shots with his own little point and shoot. He got this one of this moth or butterfly....not sure what it's just cool.

This year the boys set a new hiking record for themselves. 5 miles up through Frankenstein cliffs and down through Arethusa Falls.

We hiked from about 9AM to about 5PM. Not a small task for little legs. At the top of the cliffs, there was an awesome shear drop that had to be at least a couple hundred feet. Being ever so cautious, we let the boys have a peak over the edge.

By mid afternoon, we reached Arethusa Falls.

The boys triumphant at the falls

On the trail straight out from Arethhusa falls we took a side path down the Bemis brook trail. A very steep climb down that hiked along the river through two more falls. Both very cool.

Steven managed not to fall asleep while roasting a marshmallow this year though he almost went out with a 1/2 a Smore in his hand. That would have been a score for me = ). He managed to pull through it though.

Having our new tent helped us get a little bit more sleep.

Last year we met Joe (aka Rabbit) who was hiking the Appalacian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Keeping with tradition, we went to the AT hikers cabin with our extra steak tips and trimings to see who was in town this year. We were lucky to meet Anya and Josh, a nice couple from George who flew up and started in Maine heading South bound back to Georgia. We got to chat with them a bit and we were able to give them a lift back to the trail head. I think Gail and I both agree that this is somthing that we would have done if given our younger years back again. We are both so facinated with the prospect of "trail life".

Best of luck to the two of you and we will be checking you blog from time to time.

So back at our campground and with our fearless hiking guide at the helm, we hiked all the trails around the campground and found more cool types of plants.

We walked the river back to our campsite and got our "family" picture again on what looks like the same log as last year.....

"2008 Trip"
No, but damn, that's pretty close though.