Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Spiritual Weekend in VT

So a mini-vaca that helped kicked off our summer was a special treat presented to us by Zia Lisa and Roseann (Zia is Aunt in Italian).

They were both working up at a Buddhist retreat center up in the mountains of Vermont for the season when Lisa e-mailed me about a special vistor that they were having.

Nawang Kechong (tough one to pronounce), a world renowned flautist (and Grammy nominated I might add) was going to play a very intimate open air concert at the center.

Gail and I first heard Nawang’s music in Colorado when my mother put the CD on for us one night. We loved it so much that we used to go to sleep to it almost every night. When Gail became pregnant with both our boys, they heard it too = ). In fact we had his music on in the delivery room when they were both born. To this day, they still often fall asleep to his CD when they go to bed. So having the opportunity for them to meet him was a treat for them as well as Gail and I.

To be honest, they were even more excited to see there Zia I have to say = ).

So dropped our stuff off at a nearby in and went over to the center for the luncheon. There Lisa introduced us to him personally and I was honor when I was asked that I photograph the concert for him with my camera as well as his.

He was very nice and took us into his performance area and let me snag this shot of him with the boys. Afterward he signed a couple of CD’s for us too.

I had to step back and laugh at this shot! There I was...way up in the mountians of Vermont at a Buddhist retreat center about to listen to world renown Tibetan flautists and there was my oldest son...front row center sitting indian style on a medation pillow with… with… a Tom Brady Patriots jersey on! “Is this OK?” I had to ask myself over and over. I guess there could have been worse shirts to have on when you let your mind wander a bit = ).

The boys enjoyed watching him create the music that they have heard so much of right there in front of them....front row no less!

It was also nice to see how much others enjoyed his music as well.

It was a beautiful day and his sounds seemed to meld with the winds as they rolled over the mountain. It was by all accounts a very spiritual concert.

I would have liked to have zoned out a bit more myself, but to get the opportunity to photography him here in this settings was truly a once in a lifetime chance and I was taking it!

Thank You Zia's!