Friday, March 22, 2013

PPAM Convention 2013… a family experience??

So this year for the first time the boys came with us to the 2013 PPAM seminar.

Finally they are old enough where we can pretty much say “sit here, don’t move, shut up and don’t break anything” and they will listen all the while knowing that we love them more than anything. Even with the two of us also being the hosts for the hospitality suite, the boys were great the whole time. They definitely enjoyed the pool time they got, a handful of movies during the session that both Gail and I attended and got to experience the thrill of print competition even though we did not pull off any Blues this year. Personally I just missed on two of them even though I had a couple of judges trying to talk everyone up a point but to no avail. Steven was bummed and wanted to have a talk with the judges too as he was convinced that the Red Tailed Hawk shot we got together while camping was worthy. = )  Gail and I really need to put more time into it next year.

One of our favorite speakers this year was Gary Hughes out of Florida. Despite being up till 3AM on Saturday night closing down the hospitality suite, he had me awake the whole time....SHAZAM! THANK YOU GARY! He focused on getting the most out of Facebook, proper SEO optimization for your website and some tips and tricks on branding... oh, and flying pink Unicorns (it’s a long story). All this in exchange for his beloved flavored Polar Seltzer. Apparently they don’t get that down there in FLA and Gary was nuts over it. To top it off I won a picture album certificate from Millers because my birthday was closest to his. I should have known only a fellow Sagittarius could be so cool.


Also fun was Jacklyn Greenberg's “Breath In -Capturing Emotion in your Wedding Photography”. She had Gail and I showing off our unique hugging skills to everyone on stage. It paid off though, Gail won one of the raffle prizes here.

We sent the boys to Grampy’s for the last night so we could attend the awards ceremony and put the final nail in the hospitality suite.

Gail once again helped out at the podium to give out merits and she was tickled pink to  be the one that gave our beloved Joyce Holt her first PPAM Service Achievement Award to. Joyce is the sweet smiling face that has greeted us every year at the convention. Congrats Joyce!

...and...asalways...what's a PPAM seminar without some sort of fire alarm incident!  I sware it wasn't us.  Trouble just seems to follow us!  Somewhere in the middle of all the dancing, the fire alarm went off and we were forced to evacuate the building.  This was not good for the ladies as most didn't have jackets.  Thinking fast (as she always does) Gail pull one of teh table skirts off and rapped herself in it. Well, after that the flood gates opened and no table cloth was safe!! 

We were eventually let back inside and we continued to have a blast dancing and also posing with Mrs. Nancy Green's photo wall.  Thanks Nancy!

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